Jean-Claude Juncker

The bill may strike a blow for European companies participating in joint projects with Russia in the energy field.

The European Commission is ready to take emergency measures in case the US sanctions against Russia threaten energy security of the European Union. This is stated in the statement of the Chairman of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, issued after his meeting with Commissioner Wednesday, July 26.

U.S. interests should not have priority over the energy security of Europe, said Juncker. “Approved in the U.S. the bill could have unintended unilateral effects that will affect the EU interests in energy security” – presented in the statement of the words of the head of the European Commission.

So, in the EU fear that the new us sanctions may hamper development of the system of pipelines used for the transportation of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe . “We decided that if our interests are not sufficiently taken into account, we will be ready to take appropriate action within a few days,” the statement said. About what measures there is a speech, is not specified.

In this case, the European Commission noted that, in General, the EU still intends to adhere to the sanctions regime in order to ensure the implementation by Russia of the Minsk agreements. “This is a key objective that is common to the EU and the USA”, – said in a statement.

In France also oppose the new bill States. So, the official representative of French foreign Ministry, Agnes Romat-‘espagne stated that the French authorities think it is not relevant rules of international law extraterritorial application of new us law on sanctions and intend to discuss this situation with the European Commission and EU partners.

According to her, the bill, if approved, will allow us to take action against European individuals and legal entities in situations that have no relation to the United States.

Recall, upheld by the House of representatives of the legislative initiative before the entry into force must be approved by the Senate and signed by the President of the United States.

The White house said that Donald trump agree on tougher sanctions against Russia.