In the media there is news that leading will soon become a wife.

This information was reported by “Russian conversation”.

After Julia broke up with Andrey Arshavin, journalists still continued to monitor her life. Many have been wondering how long the girl will be alone, given that she is very charming and spectacular. Recently, the media came news that Baranovskaya soon getting married.

It is worth Recalling that a former lover leading to officially legalize their relationship with a girl. Now journalists believe Julia will also play a magnificent wedding. The reason for the rumors was the ring on the ring finger of the right hand beauty.

However, some users of the social network rather skeptical of such news, claiming that the decoration is not at all like a wedding or engagement. The ring on his finger Baranovskaya quite massive, while the groom usually gives the bride a thin ring with a small stone . However, the journalists said that Yulia wears jewelry almost without lifting, and they usually do, only with a wedding or posolochnye.

She Baranovskaya so far has not commented on the changes in his personal life