The Prosecutor General’s office reported the suspected former head of public Administration by Affairs Igor Tarasyuk. About this Facebook said the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

He recalled that the GPU is pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings on suspicion of Yanukovych, his son Victor, Eduard stavytskyy, Pavel Litovchenko and others on the facts of creation and activities of a criminal organization and taking its composition of state property – the recreation complex “Pushcha Voditsa” tracts “Mezhyhiria” with a total value of 540 million USD.

“In this criminal proceedings is reported about suspicion to the former head of Public administration by Affairs Igor Tarasyuk”, – he wrote.

According to him, at his place of residence searched, during which discovered and seized documents of 1 million Euro, gold and other things that are important to the investigation.

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Today Tarasyuk will be remanded.

Lutsenko said, what about the other suspects in this case, namely Yanukovych Stavitsky and Litovchenko, General Prosecutor’s office submitted a petition in the Pechersky district court of Kiev on granting permits for the special pre-trial investigation.

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Recall that Tarasyuk was the head of public Affairs from 2005 to 2010.

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