Sergei Popkov

Calls Vtyurin began when he headed the security service of Lukashenko.

The Supreme court continues the proceedings on the case involving former Deputy Secretary of the security Council Andrei vtyurin, the former head of “Beltelecom” Sergei sivodedov, managers from the banking sector and a group of businessmen. They are accused of giving and receiving bribes in large amounts in the supply of equipment for Beltelecom’s and banks. Wednesday, may 20, questioned as a witness Sergei Popkov, who in the years 2014-2018 was Minister of communications and Informatization, and before that headed the state monopoly Beltelecom, according to

The judge and the Prosecutor were interested in the relationship Popkov and Vtyurina and Sivodedov that were in 2014-2015. It was about the events that preceded the court is interested in the tender for the purchase of equipment Smart-Zala and the supply of STBs for Beltelecom.

According to the former Minister, who is now retired, vtyurin called him in government twice. Sivodedov admits that the calls could be more.

Calls Vtyurin began when he was in my previous position — head of security service of Lukashenko.

First, the security official said that one Russian company questioned the objectivity of the “Beltelecom” tender for purchase of equipment. Vtyurin suggested Popkov to pay attention to it. That, he said, responded that the Ministry cannot interfere in the contest.

The Minister of communications after a “controversy” with high-ranking security official was invited to Sivodedov and head of the security service of Beltelecom Andrew Nastina told about the call Vtyurin and “asked during the competition to strictly observe the requirements of the legislation”.

Through the “2-3 months” vtyurin again dialed the phone of the then Minister. According to Popkov, the caller was talking about delaying by Beltelecom payment for the supply of equipment. The Minister of communications asked about this Sivodedov. He replied that everything is going according to schedule. What Popkov and informed Vtyurin. According to Sivodedov, the Minister turned to him, because I didn’t want to “he rang from the mountain again.”

Sergei Popkov remembers, was the name of the company “SmartLabs” in conversations with Vtyurina. It was “about a Russian company”. Sivodedov argues that it was clear that this company “SmartLabs”.

During these calls Andrei vtyurin was not ordered directly to lobby for the interests of the “SmartLabs” contest, confirmed in court Sergei Popkov.

The witness said that it is more to this subject did not come back.

— Have not received a single complaint. From the perspective of the participants [of the competition]. Neither the regulatory authorities, the KGB, MARCH. That is, the tender was held and took place. [Someone] won and won. Beltelecom holds hundreds of contests. If you engage in every contract, then it is not necessary more than anything else to do, — said the former Minister.

The Prosecutor asked Sergei Popkov, not surprised if his call Vtyurin. Like, why is it that the head of the security Service of the President interested in the fate of commercial entities to tender. “Surprised” — said Popkov. He acknowledged that directly subordinated to the Prime Minister, but “in that situation had no right not to respond to the call,” the head of such a high level, therefore, promised to investigate. Popkov when he was the General Director of “Beltelecom” knew about curating on the part of the security Council and the security service of Lukashenko, “received signed Vtyurin documents related to the security of protected objects”.

During interrogation in the KGB Sergei Popkov said that vtyurin “calmly, without shouting and Mata, psychologically pressured” him. He said that in the case of “if the competition is something wrong, it will report to Lukashenka”.

The Minister of communications was nothing to worry about. Andrei vtyurin periodically asked him the tough questions.

One day he dropped a link to the material in the “yellow press”, which dealt with the cottage Popkov in Zhdanovichy, supposedly based on “unearned income”. That vtyurin asked questions about the house the Minister, heard of sivodedov. Popkov during questioning in court was very eager to speak on this topic. From the ex-Minister should be that he does not read Newspapers, the cottage had not, and “who wants to, let her stay in the cottage.”

During the inauguration of the President in 2015 vtyurin approached Popkov said that “friends of Russia complain that it is supposedly one of the Vice-Minister of communications went through the “Bel Huawei technologies” in holidays and gifts”. So it’s hard to compete with this company over the competition. At that time the Belarusian “daughter” of Chinese corporations often won the tenders Beltelecom. The former security official claims that Popkov was surrounded by three of his deputies and all is well heard. However, he couldn’t remember the name of the official, which was discussed. Sergei Popkov, 5 years later admits that this “30-second conversation” could be. But he “paid no attention” to that, because it was focused “on the tasks to support the event.”

We will remind, on March 10, the Supreme court began to consider “the case Vtyurin”. Meetings are held in the court room of Maskouski district of Minsk. Here is one of the largest halls that can accommodate over a hundred people. The accused imputed the two articles of the Criminal code: article 430 (bribe-taking) and article 431 (giving a bribe). In a criminal case takers have seized more than 1.65 million dollars, 62 million euros, more than 1 kilogram of gold.

The final amount of bribes Andrei Vtyurin is 192 thousand dollars. The Chairman of the Board OJSC “Belarusian interbank settlement center” Felix Kasperovich and Deputy chief of information technologies Department of the National Bank Andrew Podgorny accused of receiving bribes in the total amount not less than 868 $ 750.

After the detention of a number Vtyurin Telegram channels and media said Deputy state Secretary of the Security Council was (arrested on suspicion in preparation of attempt on Lukashenko and his family

The detention of high-ranking security officer was accompanied by searches and arrests in the power structures of Belarus. The official media of such information suppressed, trying to extradite “case Vtyurin” as only a corruption.