Photo: Gary Bangstad for the last two years five times in jail

The Professor, sitting in prison, another inmate offered over 4 thousand dollars to kill his mistress, and the body fed to the pigs or crocodiles. The prisoner refused and passed the customer to the prison Governor.

A former Professor, who is serving a prison sentence in the U.S. state of Florida, Gary Bangstad tried to arrange the murder of his mistress and her family, writes Click Orlando.

76-year-old Bangstad asked another prisoner to become a killer and kill five people – his ex-mistress and her sons.

The customer of a crime has given to the future by the diagram of the house and promised for work performed or four thousand dollars and a used car.

Bangstad not only asked to kill people, but ordered their bodies to be fed to the crocodiles or pigs.

The prisoner decided to abandon such a “tempting” offers of work, and I told the prison officer.

Bangstad was charged with incitement to murder.

It is noted that the man had taught at the College and had a degree, but due to its explosive nature and aggressive actions were in prison. From October 2017, he five times went to jail for domestic violence, assault, assaulting a pregnant neighbor and violation of probation.

Recall that Kharkiv has killed each other because of jealousy to his mistress.

It was also reported that the inhabitant of Kiev region ordered the murder of his mistress by her husband. The life of a woman she is valued at $10 thousand.

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