Santa Dimopoulos


Photo: from open sources

The singer will starve under the supervision of doctors.

While all Ukrainians happy may holidays and planning where to go on the barbecue, the former “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos, decided to devote time to recovery and finding peace of mind, writes the with reference to

However, the singer chose a very unusual way. She decided to undergo fasting. This news she shared with her followers on Instagram.

“Good Sunday morning! After much deliberation over the may holidays, I have decided that it is in my regular life was not extreme. For a long time while in the comfort zone, I feel that start to degrade. How many myself I remember, always the main rival in life was myself! Have not challenged myself… And here I am again. Loneliness’m going to clear the brain and body in the clinic Bukhinger (not just consonant with Buchenwald) in Marbella on the 10 day fasting . First time in my life I would starve! And I’m scared, because who knows me will understand – I love to eat!!!”, signed it last the.

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The singer asked his followeres Council and promised to keep them informed of such an extreme experience. They, in turn, supported the desire of Santa and shared with her my experience.