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Parameter speed of 100 kilometers has to be made in 10.9 seconds.

In the near future is expected to appear on the European continent, BMW 6 Gran Turismo with the modification 620 id. The first representatives of the BMW 6 that appeared last year, had the indexes 630i and 640i applicable to petrol engines and V6. Further, the market was proposed line 630 and 640 with the prefix d, which belonged to the generation of turbodiesels.

The current sample of the BMW 6 is positioned as 640id that involves changing the design of the power device. This car will set the engine in the 4 cylinder, having a volume of two liters and output of 190 horsepower.

The maximum acceleration will be 220 kilometers per hour.

The mass of the vehicle is approaching 1 800 kilograms. This includes transmission (auto) in 8 stages, allowing its spread on the option of all-wheel drive .