Local protests in Russia will be even greater.

By 2020, Russia will begin the process that will lead to a crisis of political elites, the so-called “bickering towers”.

In an interview with “Apostrophe” said Russian historian and political scientist, Professor of MGIMO Valery Solovey.

“It will happen, but not soon. Because local protests are still rare. Not so much. I anticipate that next year there will be much greater. And then in Moscow and St. Petersburg also will begin protests, but they will be political. And what we call a crisis of the elites, or, as you put it “squabbling towers” will start very intensively not earlier than one year in the second half of 2020-th year. In a country like Russia, the political process does not happen very quickly,” – said the expert.

According to him, the Russian government still controls the citizens through “the illusion that she is powerful and dangerous”.

“People are very afraid, they’re intimidated. It is difficult to straighten up, to claim their rights. There is a system of administrative and police repression. It works all the worse, “goes bad”, but it exists. The government creates the illusion that she is powerful and dangerous. And people believe the illusions. And in order to stop them, in the illusion to believe they have to go through some stages are even more political and civic education. In Ukraine is formed civil society, was possible a variety of types of protests. In Russia, the protests are actually driven under the asphalt. All manifestations of public consciousness almost here vykruchivatsya of people. It was a pretty successful strategy, and people find it difficult to overcome its effects. But it has already begun,” – said the Nightingale.