Musical festival “Invasion” this year will be deprived of a number of Russian artists (group “Elysium”, “Porn”, “Dirty Molly”, Distemper, singer Monetochka). “Stumbling block” was the military exposition of the Ministry of defense, which in 2013 appears regularly on this music forum. “Pacifist beliefs” of a number of groups will not affect the policy of the festival. All the demarches local artists, experts believe just “PR”.

photo: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

The military Department for several years unfolds at the site of the “Invasion” of his exposition of modern and historical military equipment, communications equipment, new weapons. If the weather permits, arrange demonstration performances of the Russian aces of the aerobatic team “Russian Knights”. By the way, defense is one of the participants of the festival and influence its politics cannot .

According to the Colonel of tank troops in the resignation of Viktor Murakhovsky, a military does not care who has refused to perform at a music festival due to the presence of armored vehicles. The military is busy with other things they have other concerns, they work for the audience, who came to this festival.

I think none of them will survive due to the failure of some groups to sing or dance in the background of the tank shells.

Murakhovski noted that international experience, primarily the United States shows that American musicians are willing to agree to participate in such musical activities. He recalled that one of the rock idols of the 60 s Elvis Presley at the peak of its popularity put on a military uniform and went to serve in Vietnam.

– Questions of pacifism, it is not exactly tortured. American rock star did not hesitate to travel to Iraq is the same, to maintain its military, at various festivals set the is service under the contract, – said murakhovski.

The standards of such shows with military equipment came to us from the West and we are a little behind those of the Americans. We they still need to catch up. I think that to abandon the band, trying to raise his popularity or as they say now the youth, “get the hype” – said the expert.