The investigative Committee of Belarus opened a criminal case. According to the Ministry, in Minsk there were four explosions of fireworks, reports “Russian conversation”.

Practiced several versions: fault salyutnykh of installations, faults of fireworks, improper loading salyutnykh of installations, improper operation salyutnykh of installations.

At the scene continues investigation, interrogated witnesses. By the way, eyewitnesses say, at first they did not understand what happened in the place where there was guns, there was a cloud of smoke, and suddenly people began to scatter in all directions. Later saw a woman in a pool of blood, a shard has damaged her carotid artery. Before arrival of physicians tried to help on their own, but the blood loss was significant.

“Pinch the carotid artery! Hurry!” – shouted the people.

Appointed expert studies.

Yesterday, another tragedy was avoided. Tank during the parade brought, and he stopped just a meter away from people.