Local media, citing law enforcement authorities report that the incident occurred last Friday in the apartment where the murder took place Anastasia Yeshchenko, informs the resources of the Russian Dialogue.

Sokolov during the investigative experiment has shown, how killed the girl. For purity of experiment with men removed the handcuffs and tried to use it. Dirk was on the table, but the falcons did not have time to reach it.

Law enforcement responded quickly, after which Sokolov again wearing handcuffs, a bulletproof vest and helmet.

9 Nov Sokolova were detained while trying to throw in the Wash part of the body of the murdered Anastasia Yeshchenko. In the apartment there were discovered other fragments of the body and a shotgun, from which the historian killed the woman he loved.

The killer was taken to the Mariinsky hospital with signs of hypothermia. On 10 November he gave testimony, according to which between him and Eschenko conflict arose because of the desire of the latter to part with the Professor and to relocate to Moscow.

The murder took place on 7 November and for two days the falcons were trying to get rid of the body.

Previously, we reported that Sokolov was the initiator of two explosions in Zaragoza during the reconstruction, playing one of Napoleon’s marshals.

Recall that the historian-the killer was an alcoholic, and virtually every date turned into a celebration.