The great inventor Nikola Tesla, whose discoveries still amaze the minds of academics, has to its credit a lot more reasoning, but they are classified as sovershenno Sekretno. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Tim Schwartz managed
to discover written evidence of the fact that while working with antenna for
capture thunderstorms Nikola Tesla was able to eavesdrop on a strange conversation
incomprehensible language, which, in his opinion, one planet welcomed another.
After this incident, Tesla became obsessed with the desire to hear it again, and do
to create the most powerful antenna.

The conviction of Schwartz, all
the efforts of the Tesla urgently seized the representatives of the American special services. Amazing
coincided the fact that a scientist’s work coincided with the start time of the alleged
when the American government with aliens .

Earlier, during a unique annular Eclipse of the Sun, the Argentine took a picture of the procession of aliens.

After watching the series
photos, one of them a local resident discovered an unusual dark object
which flew in the sky precisely at the moment when filming. Zoom in
the photos you have taken, the Argentine realized that photographed the ship