The FBI had some information that clearly indicates the existence of contact assistants American leader Donald trump and Russian agents.

Such information released by the TV channel CNN. According to “Russian conversation”, communication of the two parties was held for the publication of the materials discrediting during the election of President Hillary Clinton of the Democrats.

Currently, U.S. security officials are checking the data received from the intelligence services. There are recorded phone conversations of a different kind of communication and data on displacement relating to the election campaign trump.

The reasons for verification in the office observed that the availability of information clearly pointing to the fact of close contacts of persons current President of the United States with Russian civil servants .

Recall that the leadership of the FBI spotted even the “fact” that the involvement of the authorities of the Russian Federation to the outcome of the U.S. presidential race and set up on an investigation.

The wound, “Russian conversation” passed as trump said about the necessity of creating a lasting peace in the world. According to his opinion, the most important of Republican presidents have often set before themselves the task of peacekeeping.