Sunday, April 30, in mass media there was information that the British intelligence is in a state of high alert in connection with the threat of hacker attacks, which is scheduled for June of this year.

The United Kingdom authorities called the heads of the intelligence services with all gravity to approach to the threat of hacker attacks during the voting, reports “Russian conversation”.

Given the hysteria around the “Russian hackers” and the presidential elections in the United States, it is easy to guess from which country the British authorities expect cyber attacks on their servers.

The Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov on his page on Twitter commented on the concerns of London.

“In Britain are mistaken if you believe that important for us election. It is their election. Presidential elections in Russia are interested in London much more,” wrote the Senator .

Recall that in the Kremlin commented on the rumors that the Russian side is involved in hacking attacks on Merkel and Macron.