Gianni Infantino


Sports news: Gianni Infantino believes that the system VAR the tournament has become more equitable.

The President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino summed up the results of the VAR system of video replays during the matches of the 2018 world Cup.

“VAR works well. We started the test phase a couple of years ago. Then I was skeptical about the idea, but know I need the system to test. I tried to delve into the issue and realized that I need to try VAR for the world Cup. The result is extremely positive. We looked at over 440 replays all 18 hits in 62 matches of the world Cup, 16 of the decisions have changed due to certain VAR. This is the definition of football. VAR does not change the football – he cleans. 95% of the decisions of the judges were already correct. But thanks VAR the percentage of correct decisions increased to 99.3. Knock on wood .

I hope you realize that the goals you scored from an offside position, came to an end in football. How many times in the past wrote, was the goal came from offside. Now all this came to an end. Also see how to reduce the number of yellow cards. No red card for the aggression! Because all the players understand that if they do something, it will see all the cameras, and then they will be sent off the field. We are happy that we made with the introduction of VAR, it is difficult to imagine a world Cup without this system. The tournament has become more equitable,” said Infantino during a press conference.