Poisoned and burnt alive in the House of trade unions were called separatists. Supporters of the Euromaidan openly mocked those who were considered enemies: for nationalists, the victims were not even people — “roasted Colorado”. And those who survived, was under the court. Survivor testimony of witnesses do not give to forget about the tragedy, according to the material, RIA “Novosti”.

What happened in Odessa on may 2, 2014

The second of may 2014, clashes between supporters and opponents of Maidan in Odessa have led to the fact that Pro-Ukrainian activists and nationalists defeated the opposition camp on Kulikovo pole. During the clashes the protesters drove kulikovtsev in the House of trade unions building was set on fire, allegedly by nationalists. Burned alive, poisoned by smoke 48 people, several dozen injured.

Under court and a consequence was the only survivor in the House of trade unions supporters of Antimiani. Official Kiev has repeatedly been criticized by UN, Human Rights Watch and the Council of Europe that the Ukrainian security officials fail to prosecute those responsible for the tragedy. The trial in the “may 2” goes so far.

“He eventually died…”

The leader of the Seaside organization of all-Ukrainian party “Fatherland” Oleg Music 2 may have been in the House of trade unions. That preparing for riots, witnessed a lot, he says. “Ko 2 may arrived football fans from other cities. Plus the head of the Odessa oblast Vladimir Nemirovsky besieged Odessa checkpoints — there were “hundreds” of the Maidan, well equipped. Already on April 30 Andriy Parubiy, the head of the national security Council at checkpoints in Odessa, was handing out bulletproof vests. “Hundreds” was stationed in the Odessa sanatorium and dispensaries. But they kulikovtsy (activists of the movement “Kulikovo Field”, the name of the square in Odessa. — Approx.) and myself included, were hoping for a peaceful outcome, we are preparing for the presidential elections on 25 may, we newsletters more interested.

Alexey Albu is one of the leaders of the all-Ukrainian organization “Borotba” (“Struggle”), the former Deputy of the Odessa regional Council, was also on may 2 in the House of trade unions. He confirms the words of the Music that by the time the city has deployed “hundreds” of the Maidan. “What has brought people from Kiev to Odessa, I believe the first proof that the events of may 2 was planned,” he said.

Reserve officer Yury Didenko moved from Odessa to Ovidiopol nearby in the mid-2000s. And in early may 2014 along with his son went to the city, which considers family, to meet the so-called “friendship train” — the troops of the nationalists, who were trying to intimidate the local population. A father and son Didenko took the spade handles. “We did not expect that everything will be so serious. Thought it would be a fight, and fight and return home. Went to Odessa yet our neighbor. A young healthy man of 33. He eventually died on the Kulikovo Field from two bullet wounds. He left a wife in her sixth month of pregnancy”, — says Yuri.

On Alexander Avenue (near the Cathedral square, where the accumulated nationalists), they joined other activists of Antimiani. “We wanted to get up there living shield, in order not to let the ultras go marching around the city and smash it. Most of us were simple inhabitants of Odessa who just didn’t want to accept what is happening on the Maidan in Kiev”, — explains his motives a reserve officer.

From there, activists alleged to Cathedral square led Deputy head of the Odessa police Dmitry Fuchedzhi. But, as said Didenko, at some point, the Maidan protesters realized that their column heading in the wrong direction. And then activists blocked riot police and special forces soldiers “Berkut”. Told the police, according to a reserve officer at Western dialect. “On the other hand have already approached the crowd of football fans and nationalists, and we stood up against each other. Then I realized that there was an unequal battle. The nationalists were well equipped, they had shields, bits. The police restrained somehow we are” — describes the future of Odessa.

From the trap antimaydanovtsy escaped from the battle. Didenko and his son managed to break through the wall of the officers to which they are pinned ultras. “Shook these Berkut officers. I had already broken head, two stones hit me on the side. When I Oleh Music and more two inhabitants of Odessa came out, I immediately went to the Kulikovo Field. I had a baton with him. While I was there, saw that the city was going: firearms, stones, gunshot wounds and everything else,” adds Didenko.

The blame for the fact that people did not go to Kulikovo Field, Didenko lays on one of the leaders of the Maidan — Artem Davidchenko. That, according to the officer, acted as if on orders of the security Service of Ukraine. Indirectly on the work Davidchenko at SBU, according to Didenko, evidenced by the fact that six months after the events of the elder brother Artem — Anton davidchenko, previously detained for his political activity, and release. And Arthur himself that day escaped from the scene of the tragedy.

“There was chaos”

Oleg Music by the time when a crowd of nationalists went to the House of trade unions, has managed to leave Kulikovo Field, to participate in a skirmish in the Greek area and back. “Who drove us to this building? he replies with a question. Yes, people on the Kulikovo Field was the opportunity to leave. But I personally, as one of the leaders of the movement, could not throw all.”

“My family called me, they live saw the nationalists are weapons in our direction. The majority of inhabitants of Odessa who entered the building, believed that the walls will protect that (the protesters) will carry the camp and this will all end,” he explains.

In the House of trade unions, people were fleeing from the approaching crowd of nationalists, echoed the Music Didenko. “I went there because I saw a lot of incoming women, pensioners, children. Decided that I would back them and maybe will provide some help. Inside the House of trade unions, we began to barricade the two entrances. Water in the building. There was chaos. There were simple people, many of them were generally apolitical and do not support neither one nor the other side. We had hoped that the Berkut officers, who surrounded the House of trade unions, will protect the building and will not allow the nationalists to enter. And then in our party flew Molotov cocktails. The fire broke out. We found a fire extinguisher, but it was half-empty. The only thing we could do is to take the floor with pieces of broken glass and throw them to the side of the nationalists on the street,” says Didenko.

Mary Sinicki lucky — she before the inevitable collision with the nationalists went to find helmets for activists Antimaydana and inside the House of trade unions were not included. For helmets she went on Bringing. “When you came back, it was burning. Saw the Windows were shot from firearms and there fell of the people. I also saw how they beat, killed, finished. Saw the street girls — Ukrainian nationalist — made Molotov cocktails. Had a beer, then these bottles made Molotov cocktails,” she says.

Simitci was struck by the inaction of the police. “When the survivors were taken out of the House of trade unions, the police continued to stand and watch as the nationalists they were beaten. People falling from the Windows, but instead to help them, they simply finished off and covered with Ukrainian flags, — quotes Maria the details of the violence. — People jumped out of burning trade unions building, but nobody tried to lend them a ladder or at least do something to help. There was a feeling that all of the police was a secret order to stand and do nothing”.

Daniel Matveychuk (name changed at request of interviewee) calls himself Pro — Ukrainian activist- he’s one of those who participated in the events of may 2 on the part of the protesters. Matveichuk said that the tragedy was provoked by certain organizers who wanted to “show the world how in the trade unions Building is burning people allegedly at the hands of Banderovites”. Although, as he himself admits, “the investigation is still underway, and neither confirm nor deny this (arson. — Ed.) no one can”. According to him, it is from the House of trade unions threw pre-prepared Molotov cocktails and fired. A “Pro-Ukrainian activists” on the contrary, the withdrawal of the people from the burning building. However, Daniel makes a reservation: “I do not deny that there were excesses and some nationalists began to beat up people on the way out. But there were only two.”

When a crowd of nationalists rushed to the Kulikovo Field, the remaining Maidan protesters first fought with the attackers on the steps of the House of trade unions. “We kept the defense probably about half an hour. You throw one stone, and you fly a hail of stones, Molotov cocktails and stun grenades. We barricade the doors on the second and third floors. And already at this time in the left wing of the building were nationalists,” — says Oleg Music.

“Chased through the system and were loaded into paddy wagons”

“In the window flew smoke bombs, started to panic, people suffered from suffocation. The smoke began to scatter in all directions. I lost my brother, (outside) threw the bottle of chloroform, when the chloroform enters on an open flame — this is phosgene, lightweight wedge. Don’t remember how moved to the fourth floor. Seen from the main entrance jumped (from the building) — they chased and beaten. But that the women were beaten and men came very hard… We are more than an hour it burned, and then a fire. To us (stairs) climbed a firefighter, asked how many we have. I said that four, he’s not even persuaded us to come down, realized that it makes no sense. I called my wife — we said goodbye to her, could not breathe, I spit wetted the jacket and breathed through it,” Music restores the chain of events.

Then he and his hidden comrades heard at the door claps of gunfire and screams. When it got dark, Oleg has advised friends to get out of the building, and he went to find brother went on the floors and turned the body. “I went down, met nationalists, the Ukrainian move vidpovid them I svy. Turn on the electricity — and then I got to the police, they arrested me immediately. All the survivors were detained. “Pravoseki” (members of “Right sector” terrorist organization banned in Russia) that was shown on the collar, and they were released, and we ran the gauntlet and were loaded into paddy wagons,” recalls the Music of the next parts.

Alexei Albu with friends and I decided to leave the House of trade unions, without waiting for dark. “Firefighters put a ladder to the window. We had fifteen people. The first began to be women. When they were out of the window in the stairwell began to descend the nationalists. There were two of them, and apparently they did not expect that we will provide resistance. One of our was an infantry shovel, and my friend Vlad Wojciechowski was in the hands of a fire extinguisher. They began to drive away the nationalists. Those ran off and hid. I decided to check Odessa do these attackers. And asked which part of the city. In response, they promised to kill us,” says Albu.

The kulikovtsami managed to climb down to the courtyard. “Part of the nationalists who met us tried to attack, but Wojciechowski continued to beat them away with a fire extinguisher. Then the rescue brought one of their commanders who tried to take us to pass into the hands of the police,” says Albu. However, as soon as kulikovtsy was inside the police cordon, were beaten with metal rods, sticks and chains. “When we were beaten, I jumped at the feet of the police to get to the other side of the cordon. Some nationalists saw it, grabbed my leg and bit me. I have the feeling that they were under the influence of any drugs. A normal person won’t bite… I strayed in the end, but on the other side were also nationalists, they broke my head. Two police officers had my back shields. And it saved my life. Then we pushed again in the police corridor,” shares her story Albu.

Alexander Vasilev, the Deputy of the Odessa city Council, is forced to leave his hometown to move to Russia after 2014, explains that the events of may 2 was the sequel, which many people forget. “Street fighting may 2, they were near Deribasovskaya street, on both sides there were activists, that is, those who came back voluntarily. And then started Stripping — in the middle Ages, the winners came to burn and kill in the enemy camp on Kulikovo Field, to destroy those who were unarmed. Survivors of the fire were taken to the building of the Odessa police Department. From there they were released activists — the building is stormed and recaptured his. After the House of trade unions was another battle of Odessa rescues those who escaped from the fire were behind bars,” explains Alexander.

Almost all survivors of those events and avoided the court left Odessa and Ukraine. Mary Sinicki now lives in the Crimea, she received Russian citizenship. Yuri Didenko also went to Russia, but remains a Ukrainian citizen — not on their own. Alexei Albu after a short service in the brigade “Ghost” of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic remained in the Donbass. Oleg Music was one of those Odessans were released from the police Department, he left Ukraine and obtained political refugee status in Germany. According to him, he is the only participant in the events of may 2, which was under the protection of the state.