The government of Ukraine adopted the decision on the reform and restructuring of the State fiscal service (GFS), in particular the creation of a single legal entity at customs, and acting head of GFS Miroslav Sold must this decision to execute, said Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk.

“He (M. Prodan – if) needs to demonstrate that it is effective the head of the service, he needs to show the result. The decision of the Cabinet adopted, and it should be implemented”, – he told in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The Minister noted that the decision in March by the Cabinet but not yet published decision was agreed with the International monetary Fund, whose mission in April were further discussed in Kyiv the reform of the SFS.

“Wait, like mission and me, is obvious: now needs to be implemented full-scale reform of the fiscal service. Because we started this process several years ago, and things are there . And it is certain risks for the IMF, which is the reform of the SFS actively supports and considers one of the key for the successful development of economy of Ukraine”, – said A. danyluk.

Commenting on the publication of the letter M. Sold to the Cabinet in which the current head of state criticized the reorganisation of the service, calling it impossible, the Minister of Finance indicated that he spoke with M. Prodan such a reorganization.

“But now, active people, who fear losing influence. However, I and the reform will not stop. And head of the GFS have to think about how he will change the service, and not to freeze the situation that exists there now,” – said A. danyluk.

He admitted that the letter about the impossibility of the reorganization of the service’s new boss has prepared. “But once he’s signed this letter, it is his responsibility. And if he is not going to change the SFS, I won’t support. The allotted time for the test is about to end,” said the Finance Minister.

According to him, customs reform involves the elimination of regional offices and granting more authority to heads of customs posts. “Need to remove unnecessary link and with it corruption when on the ground. These connections in the areas we have to break,” – said the Minister.

It also opposed competition between customs, recognizing that the budget laid the Foundation for such competition in the form of a deduction of part of the customs receipts on the road. “We went a very wrong way – the customs duties should remain centralized, as in methods, and administration,” – said A. danyluk.

The Finance Minister also noted that he is a supporter and one of the initiators of the customs and tax services, as well aware of the relevant British experience and sees huge potential in synergy.

At the same time, the Minister stated that the merger in fact occurred only on paper, and IT systems were never integrated.

“Given the time lost at this stage not really worth it to merge the customs and tax authorities. You must make the first step is to optimize vertical vertical tax and customs… Silly to talk about the second step, if we first can not do, and have to read the letters SFS on the fact that the earth is flat and therefore can not rotate,” he described the current situation and tasks A. danyluk.

As reported, the decree №237 from March 29, “On restructuring of certain territorial bodies of GFS”, which was initiated by the Ministry of Finance and opposed by the present head of the SFS, April 12 was published on the government website, however, soon disappeared with it. Two days later, Prime Minister V. Groysman stated that the resolution was adopted with the condition of its completion and will be published after this revision.

According to the document, in particular, creates two new legal entities – interregional Interregional customs office and the main office of the SFS. In accordance with this document, the regional customs and customs reorganizatsiya Energy by attaching them to the Interregional customs. United state tax Inspectorate joining the police headquarters of the SFS in the areas, and the latter, in turn, together with the Office of large taxpayers – to inter-regional main office of the SFS.

Full text of the interview with Alexander Danyluk will be published on the main page of the website of the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”