The national Commission exercising the state regulation of market of financial services, hopes that the electronic contracts of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles (CTP) will begin work from 1 January 2018.

“I really hope that if we manage to keep our schedule, the New year, we will have the current provision on peculiarities of conclusion of electronic contracts insurance and updated the regulations on Centralized database Bureau of Motor. I really hope that from January 1, “electronic policy will begin work”, – said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” member of the financial services Commission Dennis Hawk.

According to him, today in the Commission already has the approval of all interested state bodies of the Regulation on the particularities of electronic Contracting supported by all without comment.

D . Hawk also noted that the next step is putting a document to a meeting of the financial services Commission for approval and their submission for state registration in the Ministry of justice. After 15 days it will be registered and will gain force three months after official publication.

However, in order for the electronic policy from a regulatory point of view was introduced finally it is necessary to amend the regulations on the Central database (CDB) MTIBU. Now this process is in its final stage.

“We wanted to document on CDB to make a minimum number of necessary changes – 10-15 edits that will ensure the conclusion of electronic contracts. And expect that in the near future the Bureau of Motor on the Bureau to adopt the changes to the position and submit it to the Commission for approval. The deadlines we set ourselves a minimum, it is still possible to comply with them,” said a member of the financial services Commission.

According to D. Hawk, according to the schedule in the last week of August or beginning of September at a meeting of the Commission will be submitted two orders to the particularities of electronic Contracting and on amendments to the regulations on the CDB, which will be published later. In parallel, in cooperation with MTIBU must be completed “electronic police” and “e-sticker” as the documents and their visual form.

“Therefore, we hasten to say that all of the tails, we need to tighten now and this is only one reason and the other does not exist, our actions that were taken to review the compliance of members of Bureau of Motor timing in CDB”, – he said.

Speaking of plans for the future D. Hawk noted that it is planned to reconsider approaches to CDB and approve in the new edition of its regulating position, making it simpler and easier by providing a clearer integration with other databases, not only with the base police. In case of successful implementation of the launch of e-policy in plans for next year to begin discussing with insurers the issue of paper forms of insurance policy, you may make an online policy as in the “Green card”.