GU of Goschs in the Odessa region

The management of the Odessa hotel “Tokyo Star”, which in the night of 17 August, during a fire killed 8 people, was not allowed to carry out a planned inspection of the SES in July 2019. This was at the briefing said the Deputy Director of the Department of prevention of emergency situations Pavel Afanasiev.

“The state emergency service in July of this year it was planned to conduct the inspection specified hotel. However, that the owner (of the hotel) have changed their form of ownership, a representative of the SES on the test were not admitted,” – said Afanasiev.

He added that it is difficult to say what caused the fire.

“May become (the fire) violation of fire safety requirements could become careless handling of fire of some people who lived in this hotel… I think that Nicolicea investigative actions will show the cause,” – said Afanasiev.