MOSCOW, June 12. /TASS/. The first channel will show a documentary “Crimea. The sky of the Motherland”, telling about the military pilots of the Crimea, the regiment which departed after the collapse of the Soviet Union to the Ukraine, but they decided to go North to Russia, and not to give the oath a second time, already allegiance to Ukraine. The film will be shown at 21:30 GMT.

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Than armed the Crimea after reunification with Russia

As told in the press service of the First channel, this is the second film Natalia Gugueva about the pilot in 2001 for the film “fast and furious” on deck pilot No. 1 Timur Apakidze. After the collapse of the USSR, he and many of the pilots of his regiment did not want the second time to take the oath. “The situation is shared between “Russians” and “Ukrainians” was tense to the limit, and all would end in blood . And then Apakidze with a few of his pilots adopted them gave the hard decision to leave to the North in Russia”, – said on the First channel. The pilots left on the Crimean Peninsula his home airfield “Thread” in Saki, at home, and some family.

The events that unfolded in the Crimea in 2014, forced the Director to return to this subject. The situation in the Crimea in the spring of 2014 in connection with its reunification with Russia – was to some extent “mirrored” in relation to 1992, and avaibality in the Donbass intensified the tragedy of the events, noted on the First channel.

“The film is the story of the return of one of the heroes of the first film, which in 1992 he divorced his wife, told Guguyeva. – She remained in the Crimea, he went for Timur Apakidze North. And now, after so many years he returns. He will meet with the native airfield. It awaits the meeting with his son.”

New gugueva the film has already won 16 awards at international and Russian film festivals, including the Grand Prix in the main national festival of documentary cinema “Russia” Grand Prix “Volokolamsk frontier”, as well as prizes at the international film festival “Golden knight”, “Stalker” and a special prize at the international documentary film festival “Flahertiana”. The film was nominated for the national film award “Nika”.