Permanent court of Arbitration (PTS) in the Hague (Netherlands) from 10th to 14th of June will hold the first hearing in the dispute between Russia and Ukraine about the violation of the international law of the sea in the Black sea, the Azov sea and Kerch Strait to determine jurisdiction.

An announcement to that effect was circulated by the press service of the court on Friday.

The hearings will be held at the peace Palace in the Hague, during which will be considered the preliminary objections put forward by Russia in the dispute over the rights of coastal States in the Black sea, the Azov sea and Kerch Strait.

This is the first stage of consideration of the complaint of Kiev, which will consider the question whether PTAs jurisdiction to consider the case in fact. If the Court finds jurisdiction, the second step will be the consideration of the case in fact.

In accordance with the schedule established by the PTS, hearings will be held in two rounds. Monday, June 10, the Russian side will present the first round of oral arguments, and on Tuesday, June 11, Ukraine will present its first round of oral arguments. Thursday, June 13, the Russian Federation will present the second round of oral arguments, and the next day, Friday, June 14, Ukraine will present the second round of oral arguments.

The arbitration proceedings were initiated on 16 September 2016, when Ukraine submitted to the Russian Federation the statement for violation of the UN Convention on the law of the sea, in particular by initiating a dispute on the rights of the coastal state in the Black, Azov and the Kerch Straits.