In the network appeared the first footage from the scene of the sinking in the Black sea, a Turkish vessel with nine citizens of Ukraine, two Russians and a Georgian.

The cargo ship “Heroes of Arsenal”, EN route from the Russian port of Azov to Turkey, was wrecked during a storm near the Kerch Strait. Killed Russians and Ukrainians who were part of the crew. On Board were 12 people, reports “Russian conversation”.

Experts say the crash could happen because of his advanced age – he was split into two parts.

Recall that an SOS signal from a vessel made by the local guards. According to preliminary data, on Board the cargo ship sailing under the flag of Panama, this time it was 12 people. The boat owner is a Turkish company .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, according to the head of the press service of GU of EMERCOM of Russia in Krasnodar region Nikita Gavrilaki, at the scene of the accident was sent to aviation, it will be applied depending on weather conditions, and now they are very poor.