The national team of Ukraine celebrates a goal in the qualifying match of the 2018 world Cup against Turkey

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“The task of the team is to qualify from the group. Now you must first achieve the result, we still have half of the games selection that we are now discussing?” — said Kochetov, noting that it neither confirms nor denies the information.

The newspaper “Izvestia” citing a senior source in the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) has written about the readiness of Ukraine to refuse to participate in the 2018 world Cup. According to the source, Ukraine wants to refuse participation in the championship. However, this team must successfully pass the qualifying stage, but then pointedly boycott the tournament.

Ukraine also expects that other countries will be willing to follow their example, said the source “Izvestia” . He noted that this idea is supported at the governmental level, however, the FFU fear of possible sanctions by FIFA for national teams. “Therefore, final decisions regarding the boycott of the world Cup has not yet been made”, — concluded the source.

According to people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Marchenko, Ukraine must in one way or another to ignore the 2018 world Cup in Russia. “Even if Ukraine will come out of their qualification group and will get the opportunity to play in the finals of the tournament, we should still refuse to participate in these competitions,” he said.

That the probability of a boycott of the Ukrainian national team for the 2018 world Cup exists, the publication said one of the members of the FFU Executive Committee Artem Francs. “These calls are absolutely not new, and they really discussed with varying degrees of intensity. But lest we look ridiculous, you need to first qualify, and then make the decision about whether to participate in the tournament,” he said.

In September 2016, “Izvestiya” wrote on the possible Ukraine boycott the 2018 world Cup. Then the book also talked about the proposals to boycott the championship after passing the qualification.

The world football championship of 2018 will pass in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in 11 cities of the country.