Edward Zhevnerov

The player said he was scared to go to Vitebsk.

The defender of “Smolevichi” Edward Zhevnerov talked about how mood is preparing for the match of the 3rd round of the championship against Belarus, “Vitebsk”, which is scheduled for April 5, reports “Tribuna”.

– With what mood the team is waiting for departure to Vitebsk? Bothers you the situation that is happening there now?

– Certainly, any not that of the athlete, but the man worried, because I don’t know what is really going on. I read the news: the same Anton Matveenko and Dmitri Gushchenko saying that the information does not correspond to what is really going on. We just don’t know. More silent and not speak. Still a bit scared to go where the unknown. Because we, the team, the team will to return home. In Minsk unstable: each family. All fear for the health of themselves and their families, so I think everyone thinks about it.