Jonathan banks said that the Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko knocked out Deontay Wilder.

Recently, the boxers began to spread information that Vladimir Klitschko sent Deontay Wilder in a tough knockout, when he was in training camp of Ukrainian.

Be the first to speak of Gillian white, talking about the knockout, and later information confirmed Tyson fury.

However, the former trainer of Wladimir Klitschko Jonathan banks has denied the information about the knockout. According to the coach, Klitschko really sent the American to the canvas, but it was not a hard knockout.

“Wilder and all the other sparring partners I chose. Sent Vladimir Deontay in a tough knockout in sparring? No, that’s not true, this was not. Fell Lee Wilder? Yes, fall” – quoted BoxingScene banks.

According to the materials: