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VLADIVOSTOK, December 29. /Offset. TASS Natalia Nikulina/. Fund of far Eastern Federal University (endowment Fund FEFU) in 2018 will be spent on the development of the University and scientific research up to 30 million rubles, or almost twice more than the year before. This was announced on Friday in an interview with TASS, the rector of FEFU Nikita Anisimov.

“We have written to the Fund in the past year, 1 million roubles, this year – 16.6 million rubles for the development of the University for applied scientific research, educational projects. Next year we hope to send up to 30 million rubles”, – said Nikita Anisimov.

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In 2017, the assets of the endowment Fund increased by RUB 100 million to 439 million rubles . The expense received for the year has replenished the endowments of the areas of “Fundamental and exploratory research” and “Strategic projects”.

“If the first contributions to the endowment were made large donations from Russian business, now we are negotiating including with foreign companies. For example, it pharmaceutical company Merck Group, which is discussing the investment in the endowment Fund, subject areas of interest on biomedical research in the interests of this pharmaceutical company,” – said the source.

Also, according to him, recently signed an agreement of intent contribution to the endowment with the gold Corporation Kinross Gold, which operates in particular in Chukotka and is interested not only in specialists but also in technology and research in the development of the mining sector. There are also talks about the contribution to the endowment with “Rosseti”, “ALROSA” and other major partners.

Anisimov noted that the growth of assets of the endowment Fund is an important indicator of international competitiveness, which allows the University to move up in the world rankings. The endowment Fund provides a guaranteed research funding of the University and the development of sustainable research groups for a specific customer.

The development of the University

The second phase of the University is scheduled to begin in 2018, said the rector Nikita Anisimov.

“In early December, Yury Petrovich (Russian presidential envoy to FEFD Yuri Trutnev – approx. TASS) held in FEFU an important meeting on the development of the island Russian, where they discussed, in particular, the second phase of the University. You know, it was the order of the President of Russia for the study of the construction of the second stage. I hope that in 2018 we will start designing the second phase of the University. At a cost, of course, is not comparable with the construction, but also very expensive. This is one of the most important tasks for 2018, because the University was waiting for the second turn, and we no longer meet current demand and their own needs,” – said Anisimov.

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The concept of development of the Russian Islands was adopted by the Russian government in may and will be implemented in the period from 2017 to 2027 in two stages. In the first stage, up to 2022, it is planned to provide the necessary conditions for attracting private investment to create the island territory of priority development, to build the necessary traffic and utilities infrastructure, the planned construction of a Technopark and a Center for international cooperation.

In the second stage, in the years 2023-2027, assumes the implementation of investment projects and further development of the infrastructure of the island. In particular, the development of the infrastructure of the University, namely the construction of the second phase of the University, including new academic buildings, laboratories, fundamental library, technical innovation Park, children’s Technopark, as well as country specific campuses for students from China, Japan, South Korea and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Projects of the University

Far Eastern Federal University expects to present a number of its own development, the development and introduction into production of which can be financed by the future Fund of high technologies. In particular, we are talking about projects robot with artificial vision, the spray that turns glass into a source of energy, and developments in the field of functional foods, said the rector of the University.

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Development Fund of the Far East (FRD) in collaboration with RUSNANO and Russian venture company plans to create a “far East development Fund and introduction of high technologies” with a total capital of 10 billion rubles, it should appear in February 2018. It is expected that the Fund will invest in equity and provide debt financing to far East companies, developing relevant and promising technologies to Fund projects related to technology transfer from abroad, including in the framework of import substitution, expansion and modernization of production technology products.

“We have a number of initiatives that already are of interest in the founders of this Fund, they met with interest by the industry and is ready for implementation into production. One of them is an industrial robot’s technical vision, who with the help of artificial intelligence determines the shape of the parts and processes them in accordance with the task. The second is the material for luminescent shotokankarate. Simply put, a prototype material which can replace the traditional solar panels and is applied to any surface, that is, your window may be invisible solar panels” – said Nikita Anisimov.

Also, according to him, the University has a number of proposals for functional nutrition. “It is developments in the production of which used high level technology. The Asian market is huge, there live a lot of people who need quality food. I hope that such projects will also support the Fund”, – said the source.

New competencies

In 2018, the University will launch a competence Center in the field of Neurotechnology, virtual and augmented reality.

“In 2018 we will launch at the University centre of excellence in the field of Neurotechnology, virtual and augmented reality, together with Russian and foreign partners. This will be our major priority of the international agenda of the University with the aim of embedding the fourth industrial revolution, together with the leading universities of the Asia-Pacific region”, – said Anisimov.

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According to him, now the University runs a joint project with the car company “Mazda Sollers” for the introduction of digital technologies in Assembly operations, and during the Days of the Far East, held in Moscow from 8 to 16 December, the leaders of the University and the company “Colmar” discussed the development of high-tech products for industries that are run in South Yakutia.

The main activity of the company “Colmar” is a development of reserves of the stone-coal deposits of South Yakutia, efficient extraction and processing of coal.
Anisimov added that the digital economy will be a clear priority for the University in 2018. “We now pay special attention to the updating of the portfolio of master’s programmes of the University, the development of programs for the digital economy: cyber security, Neurotechnology, virtual and augmented reality. Truly earned the center of project activities of the University, where a lot of projects related to real production. I expect that about 400 of budgetary places in a magistracy will be somehow connected with the programs on the digital economy”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The Asia-Pacific markets

Congress of the Association of technoparks of Asia will take place at the University in the fall of 2018. The conference will become an additional impetus for the exit of residents of technoparks of Russia on the Asian markets, said the rector of FEFU Nikita Anisimov.

“Recently we won the right to host the University Congress of the Association of Asian industrial parks. It will be held in our campus on the Russian island in the fall of 2018. Here is actually the flower of the Asian business, because the business is new generation grows mainly in the University technology parks. It will be an additional impetus for residents of “Russian Technopark”, the other residents of technoparks of the Russian Federation to enter the Asian markets,” – said Nikita Anisimov.

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The SKOLKOVO Foundation in March 2017 has applied for the right to host the event in Vladivostok. Lecture series in conjunction with the SKOLKOVO Foundation during the Eastern economic forum in 2017 was opened “Russian Technopark”. In addition, the city is located close to the Asian countries that facilitates the exchange of experience and knowledge and access to Asian markets.

Conference of the Association of science parks Asia (ASPA) in 2018 will be held in the 22 th time. The main purpose of the event is establishment of cooperation between innovative organizations and companies, between individuals, which contribute to industrial and economic development of their countries. An important objective of the conference is exchange of experience, knowledge, contacts, and projects.

The purpose of the international organization of ASPA, founded in 1997 in Japan, is a joint development of the industry of scientific technology, industry and Economics of the Asian region. ASPA brings together 519 parks, including 18 Russian, from 36 countries.

Cooperation with Japan

According to Anisimova, FEFU in 2018 will take the research vessel Tokai University (Japan) “Bosei Maru” that will allow to build and strengthen the ties of the universities of the two countries.

“With the Tokai University, we have established very friendly relations. I really hope that we in 2018, maybe in conjunction with the Eastern economic forum, will take to the waters of the Bay of Ajax their research vessel. There is an agreement about this with Kiyoshi Yamada, rector of Tokai University. I think it will be a good event, positive terms of strengthening our relations”, – said Nikita Anisimov.

He added that before the University, he was then the far Eastern state University, has hosted the research vessel Tokai University.

The University is working closely with Tokai University: in particular, during the Eastern economic forum in 2017 was opened judo center, which in addition to the two universities involved the Federation of judo of Japan. The main objectives of the centre is to establish sporting contacts with leading athletes, martial artists in the Asia-Pacific region, international competitions and workshops, to promote the moral and physical education of youth.