The Minister of environment of France, françois de Rugy said he will remain in office despite allegations that he is spending money from the state Treasury for extravagant lifestyles, said on Friday the French TV channel BFM TV.

“Of course you want to give up when you are attacked day and night, but I’m not going to do it,” he said to TV channel. The Minister added that he was the victim of “machine created to attack him,” but promised to “return every controversial Euro”

François de Rugy has faced a wave of criticism and pressure from the press after the website Mediapart political investigation has information about the luxurious meals that suit it.

Mediapart reported that at dinners organized by the Minister was served lobster and fine wines from the cellar of Parliament.

De Rugy does not deny that he organized a magnificent feast, but said they related to his work. He called them “informal working lunch”.

On the website Mediapart also published a report in which it was argued that the françois de Rugy rented municipal apartment at a reduced rate, despite the fact that his salary is “much higher” than allowed for such benefit.

For the past six months in France do not cease protests against the government caused by social inequality between the country’s leadership and of French citizens, reminiscent of the French press.