Photo: FSB can get to access user data Telegram

Durov has promised to sue.

The FSB demanded that Pavel Durov to access the user data in Telegram messenger. In case of failure – will be drawn up a Protocol on administrative violation, according to

It is reported that this requirement is due to the action of the law On information according to which the services registered in the registry of the organizers of information distribution, must give intelligence agencies the keys to decrypt messages.

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, commenting on the initiative, noted the inevitability of court processes.

How many users Telegram in Ukraine the team of the messenger is not reported, but it is possible to block the service in Russia, they will not change. Another thing, if the FSB will gain access to user data, say privacy no longer have.

Earlier, Durov already had a conflict with the Russian special services . Durov was dismissed from the post of General Director of Vkontakte in 2014. Soon Durov left Russia and stated he was not going to return.

We will note, recently appeared information that Iran has filed a criminal case against the management of the messenger Telegram.