Alexander Bortnikov

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KRASNOYARSK, March 1. /TASS/. The head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov has promised to ensure security during the Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.

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“At the moment, a working group on security, which includes the entire power unit, we are actively working with the government of the region (Krasnoyarsk). All the requirements that are developed in the issues of security are brought to the immediate perpetrators,” – said Bortnikov at a meeting on the preparations for the winter Universiade which is held by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The head of the FSB has admitted: “let’s Go, of course, a compromise, but within reason, to reduce the financial component .” “At the same time well aware that the issues of security and, above all, anti-terrorist protection of objects need to pay attention is our common responsibility”, – he stressed.

Bortnikov said that the security requirements apply not only to the construction of the Universiade objects and the events during the competition, but also ensure the safety of participants, guests. Therefore, according to him, the airport will have international status, it is necessary to organize checkpoints and to immediately provide financial assets on their creation. “This airport will be in a subsequent work, providing the flow of foreigners – developing infrastructure, investment here will go,” he explained.

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“In its part will do everything necessary to solve an appropriate level of security”, – promised the head of the FSB.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev said that concerned about the lack of observance of safety requirements in preparation for the Universiade.

As stated by the Minister at meeting on preparation for winter Universiade, which was held by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, “the interior Ministry and the FSB is implementing a complex of measures for ensuring security during the Universiade, prepared calculation of forces and means.” However, in his words, “a decision about allocating necessary funds (for security measures) not yet decided.”

Kolokoltsev noted that “a significant part of coming to MVD documentation (under construction) does not meet the requirements”. “The situation is complicated by the desire of designers faster to send projects for approval and report on the execution of works within the contract period, and they certainly know about the shortcomings,” – said the Minister. As a result, according to him, “for fifteen of the seventeen projects under construction have approved design documentation.”

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The Minister warned that such an approach “can lead to a substantial increase in financial costs for the construction of the Universiade venues with the introduction of subsequent design changes”. To remedy the situation, prepared the timetable for the provision of the necessary documentation, the Minister said.

“Not fully complied with the measures of anti-terrorist protection of buildings under construction and structures”, – said Kolokoltsev. In his opinion, not enough search equipment to monitor imported materials. “This greatly complicates the inspection of facilities in preparation for the Universiade,” he explained.

Among the problems the Minister also called all the unresolved transport issues in the preparation for the Universiade. “Not completed development of a transport plan which should take into account the existing infrastructure, its capacity, the organization of Parking space, the movement of pedestrian crossings”, – said Kolokoltsev.