On 10 October the President
Vladimir Putin spoke about the promotion of sports in the country, the exclusion
the problems of doping in athletes, the struggle for a healthy way of life and insufficient
the interaction of officials at various levels of the power vertical. All this from the head of state
I heard the members of the presidential Council on development of physical culture and sports,
according to the Russian Dialogue.

In the first place
Mr Putin made a statement that Russia fully fulfills
the requirements of the WADA on anti-doping
standards. The main goal in this direction is participation
Russian athletes at the competitions of any level.

the challenge for all countries is to fight for a healthy lifestyle, drop
the amount of alcohol consumed in Russia, leads to an increase in the duration
life. In the next “five year plan” at least half of the residents
countries want to involve in active sports. It’s not only in the construction of
new stadiums, playgrounds, swimming pools, creating partitions ennoblement
parks, according to Putin, sports have become a “necessity of life”.

Said head
state and problematic moments – the interaction of the higher echelons of power with
local self-government bodies. He resented the speech of the Governor
Primorsky region Oleg Kozhemyako, who noticed that the burden of
sports development is just of the local authority.

“And we have there
there are no standards, it is unclear how much and what per capita… This
the gap between state and municipal authorities in the areas most
obvious,” – said Putin.

He pointed out that
that municipalities have full autonomy in organization
sporting events, but must enter into contracts with the state
bodies to receive funding from “above”.

Recall that in this
day held his press conference the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy, which is
stressed the importance of the decisions of Vladimir Putin, but in the settlement of
the conflict in the Donbass.

Returning to the question
the fight against doping in Russia should be said about the threat of deprivation of the right to participate
for our country in Olympics – 2020.
The cause may be repetition of RUSADA due to doping samples sent
WADAв in July, but will check them and will make a decision in November. Also, do not
forget about the scandal with the high jumper Daniel Lysenko, who
can affect the opinion of the European nasty functionaries of WADA.