Such was the reaction Gvaramia for the same scandal with the lead channel Giorgi Gabunia, who in his author’s program insulted not only the Russian leader, but his deceased parents. The CEO said he did not intend to say a good word about Putin to Georgian goods imported into the Russian Federation.

“And to hell with these “Borjomi” and wine! Yes, I’m going to pee in all this! I don’t care!” – quotes Gvaramia “REN TV”. He also suggested that import products to Ukraine.

We will remind, Gvaramia did not dismiss Gabunia after the scandal, and just sent for 2 months on vacation. He also boasted that the ratings of the channel after swearing Gabunia increased.

However, not everyone appreciated the nasty trick of a journalist. The President of Georgia Zurabishvili asked Russia not to react to such provocation.