Hannes Halldorsson



Sports news: Hannes Halldorsson education Director.

The Coca-Cola company decided to release a video about Iceland, a small country whose national team will play in the 2018 world Cup. The movie was incredibly fascinating, and its Director has become… the goalkeeper of the national team of Iceland Hannes Halldorsson.

The new World Cup Coca-Cola ad, directed by Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson is fantastic. Read @JamesPiotr”s brilliant interview/profile on him here: https://t.co/UmZgPeoBzU pic.twitter.com/i4VTuq7Qhp

— Sean Fay (@Sean_Fay) 12 Jun 2018

Note that earlier Halldorson worked as a Director, and in 2012 he made a video about Iceland for the Eurovision song contest.

The first match of the 2018 world Cup team Iceland will hold with Argentina .