The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at a meeting on Wednesday, approved the financial plan of State enterprise air traffic of Ukraine (UkSATSE) with the planned indicator of net profit in the amount of 118 million UAH.

According to the text of the financial plan, which has the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, the net income of the company in 2018 is planned in the amount 3,223 billion.

Gross profit is planned in the amount 4558,4 million UAH, EBITDA – 282,7 mln UAH, EBITDA was 8.8%.

Capital investment in 2018 is projected to total 681 million.

UkSATSE was founded in 1992. Provides a full range of air navigation services: air traffic services, air traffic flow, organization and management of airspace, radio communications, navigation and surveillance, provision of meteorological and aeronautical information of all types of flights. The area of responsibility of the company covers five flight information regions with a total area of 774,569 thousand sq. km .