The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure of establishing special conditions to the import of food and feed to gain control over their movement across the border.

According to the published decree of the government on its website from October 9, 2019 No. 869, the decision was made to protect Ukraine against the introduction of dangerous animal diseases, primarily common to animals and humans.

“The decision made in the approximation to European legislation. Earlier, the chief veterinarian was able to permanently restrict the importation of products. It was a time for manipulation and corrupt abuse. Now, the veterinary inspector may temporarily restrict the importation of products for 72 hours as a rapid pre-emptive decision. Then, the risk Department makes an analysis and, if necessary, introduces long-term restrictions on imports to remove it,” – commented the decision of the Deputy Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Taras Vysotsky.

According to him, actually changed the procedure, “the decision is based on expert assessment, not the decision of one official”.