The Ministry of digital transformation

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a decree on electronic passports in the app Diya. Therefore, the government has recognized electronic passports in the smartphone digital analogs of paper documents. About it reports the Ministry of the digital transformation of Ukraine.

More than 17 thousand Ukrainians testing e-passport, soon they will appear in the app Diya.

“The passport smartphone will allow not to carry ID-cards and extracts from it. If you do not have an ID card, we digitized biometric foreign passport which proves your identity. It provides the same rights and opportunities as paper, operating within the country. The number of Ukrainians with foreign biometric passport far exceeds the number of the ID card. This means that more people will be able to use e-passport for the identity of his personality” – said in the message.

Upon completion of quarantine, the Ukrainians will be able to actively use e-passports:

  • while traveling by rail or air transport;
  • during the medical service and banking operations;
  • while receiving administrative services.

Ukraine is the first country in the world where you are allowed to use digital passport, without presenting a paper or plastic counterpart.