The Cabinet of Ministers in connection with plans to abandon the official publication of laws and normative documents in the government printing “Uryadovy courier” and the parliamentary “Voice of Ukraine” initiated a public discussion of their future, said Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet on Wednesday.

“After the Parliament adopts this law (abolishing the mandatory publication of regulations – if), will discuss with the society the further fate of these two printed publications,” – he wrote in Facebook.

Dubilet reminded that the government proposes to publish the laws and other acts on the official websites and approved the bill on Wednesday.

He explained that he initiated the bill after printing has moved at its own discretion, the seal adopted by the Rada of the law, which the government is expected and prepared for him a set of activities.

“This case was a misunderstanding (probably), but in General, manipulation of printing companies to delay the entry into force of the laws has happened in the history of Ukraine more than once”, – said the Minister of the Cabinet.

According to the report on the implementation of the budget in 2018, for financial support of the newspaper “Uryadovy courier” last year was allocated 15,497 million.

To report on the activities of the Verkhovna Rada on TV and radio and at financial support of “voice of Ukraine” in 2018 from the state budget was directed 61,524 million.