The government of Moldova has approved the bill to amend the Constitution the name of the official language from Moldovan to Romanian, the correspondent of “Interfax” of a government meeting.

Under the bill, in the 13th article of the Constitution it is proposed to replace the phrase “Moldovan language based on Latin” with “Romanian language”.

None of the members of the government have opposed this initiative.

The constitutional court of Moldova of 5 December 2013 adopted the decision that the official language is Romanian. The basis for this decision was the conclusion of the COP that the text of the Declaration of independence of the Moldavian Republic, in which the state language is called Romanian, prevails over the Constitution, which specified the Moldovan. In accordance with this provision, a group of deputies initiated the draft law on introducing amendments to the Constitution. The constitutional court on 31 October, gave a positive opinion on this initiative.

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, called “unacceptable” the name change official language from “Moldovan” to “Romanian”. According to him, after the change of government “illegal solution to the current constitutional court will be revised”. He also expressed confidence that the Parliament will not have the 67 votes for the amendment.

Some modern linguists believe that “Romanian” and “Moldovan” are different names of one language, while other sources believe the Moldovan language is one of the Eastern romance languages.

Language differences between the Romanian and Moldovan languages began to emerge in the nineteenth century. In Soviet times, in the first half of the last century, these differences became exacerbated. However, from the 1950s to reverse the process of approximation of Moldovan and Romanian linguistic norms, which are now virtually indistinguishable.