The government of Ukraine approved the list of objects of capital and current average repair of public roads of state significance N-03 Zhytomyr – Chernivtsi and the volumes of budget funds for funding in 2018.

The corresponding decree №75-R dated 7 February, adopted pursuant to requirements of the Budgetary code of Ukraine, published on the website of the government on Thursday.

According to the explanatory note to the document, in particular, in the framework of the respective budget of the program is current average repair of the said road in Zhytomyr region with a length of 34.7 km from financing 297,517 million UAH, in Khmelnytskyi region – length of 9.6 km from financing 302,481 mln UAH in the Chernivtsi region – length of 32.7 km with funding of 400 million UAH.

The total funding is UAH 1 billion with the commissioning of the 77 km of the highway.

In addition, decree No . 74-p of February 7, Cabin approved a list of overhaul and medium repair of roads of General use of state importance R-46 Kharkiv – Okhtyrka in 2018 and volumes of budgetary funds for their funding.

In particular, it is planned within the appropriate budget program to repair the highway P-46 Kharkiv – Okhtyrka in its entirety (104 km) total cost 982,2 million UAH, including in the Sumy region – 21.9 km ( including two bridges) at 219,6 million UAH, in Kharkiv region – of 81.7 km (including one bridge) 762.6 million UAH.

As previously reported, infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan, Ukraine to 2018 intends to Finance the road sector by about 50 billion UAH. According to him, from 1 January 2018 regional roads transferred to local authorities. In addition, from this date began the work of the State road Fund, revenues which are expected in the amount of UAH 32.6 billion.