The government should immediately organize the work for preventing environmental disaster in Odessa, which can occur through the shipwreck of the vessel “Delfi”, says MP from the faction “the Opposition platform for life” Tatiana Plachkov.

She said that after the leak from the sunken tanker a significant amount of combustive-lubricating materials the level of contamination of seawater at the epicenter of the accident exceeds the norm by 157 times. However, the authorities only report to have the situation under control and advised to refrain from swimming.

“We can already say that this is the beginning of large-scale environmental disaster, because such a state is critical for the underwater world. And yet people, having fun, throwing a selfie at the tanker, I do not see any serious response from the authorities to these events,” wrote the MP on his Facebook page on Monday.

The politician stressed that the state should not stand apart, and to throw all forces on the decision of this problem in Odessa, because it concerns the whole of Ukraine.

“But the authorities did not seem to notice. Unfortunately, new faces, and the problems remain, and even grow with the turbo!”, summed up Plachkov.

As reported in the Gulf of Odessa suffered a disaster of the tanker “Delfi” under the flag of Moldova, which was torn from its anchors.

As explained by ASD, initially indicated the ship was in international waters and did not apply for entrance in the Odessa or “South” ports. But later it gave the signal that is in distress, without fuel, the engine running. In this regard, the converted signal rescue coordination centre “Odessa” began to take measures to eliminate emergency situation. Shipowner was agreed to tow the tanker to arm to a free berth in the port “Ochakov”.

On the night of November 22, “Delfi” was able to gain a foothold anchor about 1 mile from the shore near the beach “Dolphin”. However, according to ASD, 5:00 slow drift resumed. On the evening of the same day rescuers managed to evacuate with the ship’s three crew members. They were hospitalized, the doctors reported fatigue and hypothermia.

The acting head of State environmental inspection of Ukraine Egor Firsov 23 November reported on the prescribed excess of in the midst of the incident of oil products in 157 times.