Odessa international film festival – 2019 announced the winners.

As the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the closing ceremony of the festival took place on Saturday at the Odessa Opera house.

Grand Prix this is the first year there were two films: Georgian film “And then we danced” and Ukrainian film “Home”. Both films collected almost the same number of votes, so it was decided to divide between them the main award of the festival.

In the national competition program of the best feature film was “Dad – mom’s brother,” Director Vadim Il’kov.

Best acting (national competition) – Irma Vitovskaya.

Best Director (national competition) – “Dad – mom’s brother,” Director Vadim Il’kov.

The best Ukrainian short film – “a girl, a boy and a secret”, directed by Oksana Kazmina.

The best film of the international competition program called the tape “And then we dance”, directed by Levan akin.

Best Director (international competition) – Alejandro Landes for the film “Monos”.

Best actor (international competition) – Levan Gelbakhiani (“And then we dance”, directed by Levan akin).

Best documentary film – “Because we’re men”, directed by Petter Sommer, Yu Vemod Swensen.

The audience award was the film “My thoughts quiet” Antonio Lukic.

Jury’s special award went to the film “For the Sama”, the Directors waad al-Kateb, Edward watts.

At the closing ceremony of the festival special award of the OIFF-2019 received satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky. And the award for contribution to cinema will take with me to France actress Catherine Deneuve.

As reported, the best feature film in the Odessa film festival FIPRESCI version was the film “My thoughts quiet,” directed by Antonio Lukic. Best short film, FIPRESCI called the tape “In our synagogue” Ivan Orlenko.



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