British newspaper the Guardian and the Observer in the beginning of 2018 will move to tabloid style, said publisher Guardian Media Group.

Both Newspapers bring losses, and the change-over, according to the publisher, will help the editions break even by 2019.

Now Newspapers are published in the format of “Berliner” is a size of paper intermediate between A3 and A2, that is, between a tabloid format and a traditional big newspaper sheets. Tabloid format involves leaving the newspaper on a smaller size sheet A3 size.

The change of style publishing house will be able to close the printing in the Trafford area in Manchester and Stratford in London. Print Newspapers will be transferred to the outsourcing company Trinity Mirror, which owns the tabloid Mirror, Sunday Mirror and People.

Guardian Media Group is also planning to restructure its advertising business and reduce costs .

“Berliner is a beautiful format that had served our readers for 12 years, but we know that our readers are most appreciative of our award-winning, high-quality, independent journalism, not the form or size of Newspapers”, – said the chief editor of the Guardian Katharine Viner.

She promised to give a new look of the Guardian and Observer, which will be bold, catchy and beautiful.

In 2015 K. Wiener became the first female chief of the newspaper during its almost 200-year history, says BBC.

The newspaper of the British left-liberal circles of the Guardian switched to the format of “Berliner” in 2005. Prior to that, she was on the larger leaves. Then there was a complete change of design of the newspaper. The change occurred when Alan Rusbridger, who was the chief editor of the newspaper for 20 years and left it in 2015.

Guardian Media Group spent 50 million pounds (more than $63 million) on new press for the transition of the newspaper “Berliner”.

In 2021 marks the 200th anniversary of the first output of the newspaper. Until 1959 it was called the Manchester Guardian.