The leader of the faction of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko was streaming from the building of the presidential administration of Ukraine, where on Tuesday must pass consultations of heads of state Vladimir Zelensky with the leaders of parliamentary factions.

As the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, the consultation came the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada and leaders of fractions.

“I’m not going to discuss the dissolution of Parliament. Why? The President of the Zelensky decision was made. Yesterday he announced. The decision unconstitutional and illegal”, – Lyashko told reporters near the building of the presidential administration of Ukraine on Tuesday prior consultation with the head of state.

According to the policy, 75% of Ukrainian citizens consider it necessary to dissolve Parliament, and he understands this position. However, he said that his political force is ready for early elections.

Subsequently, the protection AP not allowed Lyashko to go into the hall, where the consultation of the head of state Zelensky heads of fractions and groups of Parliament, with the mobile phone through which policies will broadcast live on its Facebook page.

As of this broadcast, the protection offered to the leader of the faction of the Radical party to leave the mobile phone and go to the gym without him.

Lyashko refused and said he would wait at the door.

The guards of the President Lyashko declared that he “violates the instructions”, and demanded that he left the phone, which is a stream.

Lyashko tried to pass through other doors, but they were closed; the guards of the head of state went behind him. After an unsuccessful attempt he returned to the entrance to the hall where the meeting took place.

“I ask you to let me in consultation with the President. Zelensky told security to block my passage into the hall. I want Ukraine saw behind closed doors he is holding consultations”, – he said.

Then he asked: “then I have to leave the phone. Do the Ukrainians, the conclusion, some open power. Prior to the meeting. Then I will come and give you a review”. Then he stopped the stream, left the protection of the phone, and then it was put on advice.