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The Russians — the abduction of the shaman journeyed to expel Putin.

In Buryatia on the night of 19 September, were kidnapped by a Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who goes to Moscow to banish Putin from the Kremlin. As the correspondent of Siberia.The realities of one of his followers at night to the camp, located near the village of Vydrino on the border with the Irkutsk region, where his companions slept, came a few cars. People in masks surrounded the tent of the shaman without giving him pack, took him and the cart, with which he went towards the Russian capital, and later took him away in an unknown direction.

“The route was blocked by security services with weapons, they quickly surrounded our camp, and directly to the tent of the shaman…They were maybe a few dozen people,” says a witness to the abduction.

According to witnesses, to see who made the arrest, it was impossible, none of the masked men were not represented and did not show ID. In hands they had guns and flashlights. Just arrived in camp about forty people. They also blocked the road and, as proponents of the shaman, set of jammers for cellular communications. Those who tried to demand an explanation and ask questions, put a face on the ground. Several activists were also detained.

Published in one of the supporters of the shaman video explains the details of the arrest: “Broke, he was knocked to the ground. A big crowd, with guns, with batons, dragged him to the car. Silently. We asked who is older, asked to explain what was happening, he was arrested. Only Sasha Shaman was arrested, there was nothing else. No documents no showed”.

Where is the Gabyshev, unknown, presumably, it was taken away in Ulan-Ude. His supporters went to look for him in the city. According to the interlocutor Siberia.Reality, the detention was made by security officers. with reference to one of the witnesses said that the detention conducted by the police, suggesting that against a shaman can be a criminal case under article “Organization of an extremist community”.

A criminal case edition of the Siberia.Realities have also confirmed the journalist Boris Vetrov, citing an anonymous source in law enforcement bodies. According to him, in respect of TM appointed psychiatric examination. In the regional Ministry of internal Affairs to the correspondent of our site, refused to comment on the detention of the shaman. The Investigative Committee of the Republic of Buryatia said that have nothing to do with his arrest.

A few hours ago the head of Republic Alexey Tsydenov published a short post on your Facebook page. Some social network users believe that the phrase is connected with detention Gabysheva. In his comments, the inhabitants of the region speak directly about this and demand to stop persecution of detainees in the protests in Ulan-Ude in support of the shaman and his supporters.

A source close to the regional branch of the party “United Russia”, said that “all in shock”.

Social networks have already reacted to the news of the abduction of the shaman. Here are a few comments from the “Vkontakte”:

Svetlana Kushch

Strong power! The guy with the tambourine scared!!! Let the Patriarch went to meet a censer that putting something?!

Vasily Kryuchkov

Damn I was so hoping that he comes

Anton Dolgoprudnaya

It was predictable .Senile and needs to go

Georgy Minaev

How insignificant power, which was afraid of the shaman from the village

Kirill Vasilyev

The king was afraid

Ilya Evgenevich

My grandfather has a particular paranoia on the summits will only drink from his mug, governors and Ministers puts his bodyguards, and now the shaman was scared…

Black Label

A crowd of parasites-Snatchers of working age, stolen from the poor people money, aches unhappy begging people.

Maria Bazhenova

it was necessary to chip in all of Russia on a plane, so surely reached and not by 2021 )

Oleg Senkevich

The closer the collapse of the Empire, the crazier its laws.

Katrin Ovchinnikova

Most likely (judging by the number of attackers) is the local government, huh?

Olga Portnova

Naive Yakut shaman…Do from the very beginning it was not clear that this will happen? Paranoid already so inadequate that my own shadow is afraid.And then the shaman.

Alexander Kozin

Let’s see who would fit for the shaman. It then all went…

Tatiana Nikitina

The shaman and half-way passed,and someone had jitters began)))


any criticism of the government is extremism and terrorism.

all the malcontents in prison

A Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev for four months runs along the far East slopes in the direction of Moscow. He believes the President of Russia generated by the dark forces, which the strength to cope only with the shaman. For almost two thousand kilometers Gabyshev talked to hundreds of drivers a video with his sermons got over a million views.

On 9 September in the capital of Buryatia was held to protest. Three days people were not leaving the square despite the crackdown and detention. They demanded to cancel results of elections of the mayor of the city, as well as the release of the detainees informed supporters of shaman Alexander Gabysheva, which goes to Moscow, he said, to expel Putin. In the night of Thursday, after the incident with the balloon rally was finally dispersed. All were detained 17 people. Criminal proceedings were instituted under article about the use of violence against a law enforcement officer.

Earlier Buryat shamans of religious organizations “Tengeri” tried to stop TM. Near Ulan-Ude, his colleagues met him and said that he will cease to be a shaman, if you take another step in the direction of Moscow. Gabyshev continued on his way to the capital, but in Ulan-Ude, according to witnesses, hasn’t come.

In July Gabyshev has collected a mass rally in Chita, which attracted more than 700 people. The main slogan of the rally was “Russia without Putin”. The shaman said that came from Yakutia in the spring and the city plans to take two years. He claimed that God told him that “Putin is not a man but a demon, and he needs to expel him”. The shaman said that has already started to do, while his main action – peaceful public meetings and rallies. However, if this does not help, he is ready to apply “other methods”.