UFA, March 3. /Offset. TASS nail Shachmaliev/. The head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov said that the resignation of the head coach of the Ufa club Continental hockey League “Salavat Yulaev” Igor Zakharov has ripened in connection with unsuccessful performance of the team, he also promised to implement a new concept in the team in the next season.

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Previously, “Salavat Yulaev” announced the termination of the contract with zaharkina by mutual consent after the Ufa team was knocked out of the Gagarin Cup, losing in the first round of “AK Bars” with a total score of 1-4.

“I as a fan of “Salavat Yulaev”, of course, unhappy with what was going on in this season, – said Khamitov to journalists, answering a question of the correspondent of TASS. – In the regular season the team was in a fever, and the first round of the playoffs – the team leaves the tournament . What kind of feelings? Same as all our fans of the Republic of Bashkortostan and beyond, we are not happy with what was shown by the team this year. Therefore, the resignation of Zakharov’s quite overdue, and it took place today.”

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“Of course, is “pereformat” in the club, there will be new people, a new concept, – said Khamitov, answering a question about the upcoming changes in the team. – Everyone is built differently, and I think that along with the fans, we will discuss all these issues and are already implementing in the new season 2017/18. “Salavat Yulaev” should always be among the best clubs of Russia. It is a prerequisite”.

Along with zaharkina dismissed his assistants Nikolai Borschevsky and goalkeeping coach of Kirill Korenkov. At the same time, the team is still one coach Anatoly Yemelin.