The priorities of Estonia as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council will be maintaining a world order based on international law, improving the efficiency of the security Council, the expertise of digital state and e-government, participation in solving the problems of climate and ecology, said the head of the Estonian foreign Ministry Urmas Reinsalu.

“At the table of the security Council, Estonia will be able to contribute to resolving conflicts and ensuring peace in the world. Estonia is in favour of a world order based on rules and international law”, – quotes the Minister press service of the foreign Ministry.

According to Reinsalu, “in the first place for us, as a digital state, will become e-governance and cyber security to ensure our safety.”

The UN General Assembly elected on Friday Estonia in the non-permanent members of the UN security Council in 2020-2021 years.

The security Council consists of five permanent members (USA, Russia, France, Britain, China) and ten elected for two-year non-permanent members that represent different geographical regions.

Together with Estonia were elected as Nigeria and Tunisia from Africa, Vietnam from Asia and the Pacific, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Estonia was elected for a group of Eastern European States.

The term of membership starts on 1 January 2020.