Yuri Sheremet



Photo: Facebook

Yuri Sheremet has resigned from the post of head of the Department of internal security of the State Fiscal service of Ukraine.

“Wrote a statement in the morning. I was raised to take responsibility for their words, let set an objective truth,” he said, “Ukrainian truth”. Earlier Sheremeta announced a similar step in Facebook.

In particular, on the night of March 7, he wrote about the fears of the Prosecutor’s office and its relationship with the suspended head of the GFS Roman Nasirov.

“Only the state Prosecutor in the consideration of the petition for election measures of restraint Nasirova stressed that one of the risks why at the time of investigation he needs to be detained is that I know him from school if he is released will be able to communicate with me and through me to influence employees of the SFS, which makes impossible the objectivity of the investigation,” wrote Sheremet .

“To avoid such a risk publicly give the floor to the public Prosecutor in the morning to resign from the post of head of the internal security of the state fiscal service of Ukraine. I’m only for ensuring fairness and establishing the truth in the case”, wrote the official.

Recall the night of March 7, Solomenskiy district court of Kiev has suspended the elected Chairman of the SFS Novel Nasirova measure in the form of arrest for 60 days with the alternative of a bail of 100 million UAH.