The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told how important the statement is going to do during his visit to Moscow, as well as about the main topic of the talks.

As informs “the Russian Dialogue,” the Minister stressed:
“It is very important to understand that Russia
you need to engage in bilateral
mode”. He expressed concerns about
the fact that Russia is waging cyberwar, and
also engaged in subversive activities
in the Balkans, in particular in Montenegro.
Johnson also recalled the situation in
Ukraine, stressing that such actions
Russia are absolutely unacceptable.

According to him,
these issues will become a priority
signal, which it will arrive to Moscow.

The British Minister added: “it is also Important to say,
we are not in a state of a new cold war with Russia .” It
expressed confidence in the fact that neither the Brussels,
neither Washington has no pity to step on
the trail of a new cold war. When
this Johnson stressed that it is important
collaborate with Moscow, to understand her
actions, and also try to change
her policies and help Russia to embark on the best

We will remind, earlier
it became known that the British foreign Secretary will visit Moscow. Notes
the main theme of negotiations will be
Russian-British relations, as well as
the international agenda, including
Ukraine and Syria. Before the official
the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the plans of the Russian
leader Vladimir Putin about the meeting
with the head of the British foreign office.