The head of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) Mike Pompeo arrived with an unannounced visit to South Korea for talks on the North Korean issue, as reported by the media on Monday, citing government sources.

According to
news Agency Yonhap, Pompeo arrived in South Korea on Saturday and
held meetings with South Korean officials, in particular with the head
The national intelligence service, Lee Bongjo. On Sunday, the head of the CIA
met with US Ambassador to South Korea mark Knippera and commander
us forces in Korea (USFK) Vincent Brooks. It is reported that this
the visit was aimed at coordinating the efforts of Washington and Seoul against
the provocative actions of the DPRK.

The situation
on the Korean Peninsula have escalated in recent months as soon as the DPRK
carried out a series of missile and nuclear tests.

the latest missile test occurred on Saturday North of Pyongyang . Japan
South Korea and the United States stated that the test seems to have failed as
the rocket fell apart on the territory of the DPRK. Note also that Russia and China insist on a diplomatic solution of the North Korean crisis.

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