The state and the banking system of information storage in Ukraine are fully software-protected, assured the chief of Department of postal and telecommunications Sergey Demediuk.

In comments to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” Demediuk stated that no matter how much effort is spent on the development and implementation of systems of information protection – there is always the human factor that negates all the effort and cost of cybersecurity.

“Both the public and the banking system of information storage in Ukraine are fully software-protected. But the crimes of the disclosure of the confidential information that we identify involved people, physically bypassing all electronic security systems (e.g., delivering sensitive information on a flash drive, photos, screens, etc.)”, – said the head of the Department of police.

According to him, Ukraine has not recorded such cyber attacks and cyber threats that can directly bypassed the security system and get user data.

In addition, Demediuk noted that he supports the idea of digitalization of public services, although it considers necessary to pursue the accelerated pace of digitization of data.

“We do not have a fully protected database and in the world. I, as a citizen of Ukraine, fully support the idea of smartphonesfree of the country and the increasing number of online government services, because he often use these services. But, as an expert on cyber security, I want to note that don’t be in a hurry with global smartphonesfree of everything”, – he stressed.

As reported, the Secretary of national security and defense Alex Danilov stresses the importance of establishing in Ukraine of a powerful cyber defense system that should work together to develop professionals in the public and private sectors.


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