The European Commission organises every week a high-level meeting to ensure that any operational action is required to prevent the spread of coronavirus, said the Chairman of the EC Ursula von der Leyen.

“I note with great satisfaction that the field procedures being taken that there is good communication, good analysis of the measures to be taken”, – said the head of the European Commission on Monday in Brussels at a press conference on the occasion of first 100 days at the head of the European Commission.

“Not all the decisions taken in the member States, are identical. It is clear. But communication and coordination among the 27 member States and between these countries and the Commission now operates in an efficient manner and without interference,” – said the Chairman of the EC.

On the issue of improving the response, including the view of the crisis of the coronavirus in the long-term EU budget for the years 2021-2027, von der Leyen said that it is difficult to foresee what will be a new crisis. “The challenge for us in the Commission to be ready to respond with well-established models, and the coronavirus – a typical example of this. We used models that existed in other crises. We combined them for the reaction. But today we do not know what will be the next crisis”, – explained the head of the European Commission.

Answering the question of what tax and budget measures the European Commission to overcome the economic consequences of the epidemic of the coronavirus, threatening recession, she said that the EC is in constant contact with the authorities of the member States, industry representatives and other partners.

“The macroeconomic side, I work closely with (President of the European Central Bank – if) Christine Lagarde. We are preparing a meeting of Finance Ministers, which will take place next week. They will discuss the situation and possible actions at the European Union level”, – said von der Leyen.

In her words, studied the possibility of use in the prevailing conditions a flexible approach to the requirements of budgetary discipline and explore possible prospects for action in extraordinary circumstances. “Of course there is also coordination of responses and actions at all levels”, – said the President of the European Commission.



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